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Date: Tue Jan 16 1996 - 17:27:25 EET

> Does anyone know what's up with "Solid Center Hot Press" (their
> LOM machine)? or where to find info without phone call to Japan?
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yourself. Thanks!

Kira's Solid Center uses plain paper -- the same used in copy machines -- and
takes advantage of a standard laser printer to supply the printed sheets.
Electrostatic toner serves as the adhesive between the sheets. Solid Center
also uses an off-the-shelf pen plotter from Graphtec. Instead of a pen, the
pen holder holds a mechanical cutter, good for about 10,000 sheets. The rest
of the machine consists of a paper collating mechanism, a hot plate that
presses together and bonds the sheets to one another, and a personal computer
and software.

The system measures the overall height of the stack before cutting a new slice
through the STL file. That way it cuts the new slice to match the part being
built. Presently, the system accepts STL files only and uses HPGL to
communicate with the plotter. I was told that they purchased the control
software from another company.

During the 6-month period April 1995 through September 1995, Kira sold 12 Solid
Center machines. Prior to that, the company sold a total of 5 systems.

If you want more information, you will probably need to contact them directly:

Mr. Kenji Otake
Kira Corporation
Tomiyoshi Shinden
Kira Cho Hazu-Gun
Aichi Pref., Japan
Fax 0563-32-3241

I hope this information is helpful!

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates

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