3D/EYE - computer requirements

From: gp@cadcam.kth.se
Date: Tue Jan 16 1996 - 18:56:49 EET

Dear RP'ers,

I have some questions for those of you that have used 3D/EYE Professional.

How much computer power and RAM memory is requiered to comfortably do
some more heavy 3D/EYE modelling?

Does Windows 95 work OK with 3D/EYE, or is Windows NT 3.51 a better choise?

I plan to run the software on a 100 MHz Pentium with 24 MB RAM (PCI-bus
graphics accelerator with 2 MB video RAM) - could this be a suitable platform?

Thank you

Gunnar Palm
IVF-KTH, Stockholm

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