Re: SLA+Epoxy Resin+Traps

Date: Wed Jan 17 1996 - 03:13:19 EET

In response to Todd Grimm's note concerning SL-5180 SLA epoxy resin and
trapped volumes:

My experience is you must avoid them at all costs. The larger the trap
volume/depth, the worse the problem. Part orientation is key while
additional sweeps and additional z-wait will help.

Read the part geometry and determine part orientation. Cutting drain holes
will help if the part geometry offers not other solutions. I know this
sounds like "Tea Leaf" advice, but all you can do is build parts and develop
an eye for geometry and trapped volumes.

I've had conversation with some people who have even tried no z-wait with
some success in an attempt to race the flow over the border cures.

This is the curse of low viscosity, high surface tension epoxy resin. I
still wouldn't go back to acrylates for anything.

Keep on plugging away. Your part geometry and your machines will speak to
you!! Good Luck!!!!

Steve Deak
Hasbro Toy Group

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