3D system rumor

From: Elaine Persall (persall@eng.clemson.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 15:42:01 EET

Joe and the RP world.........

In answer to your question.........

>next Thursday at the LA Hilton. The rumor is that they will be
>announcing a new SLA 350 machine. Can anyone confirm this?, or has
>anyone else heard this same rumor?

This is the 10th year of 3D System (1986-1996)
 and I expect some nice announcements about..

New technology ?????????
Improved Technology?????????
Improved Customer Support???????
New & Improved Materials???????
New Applications ????????????
?????????????????(you fill in the blank)

Maybe these are just my wish list???????????

I believe this meeting is by invitation only so all of us who weren't
invited to the ball
can only hope the Cinderella story is true. I can't find my glass slipper


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