SLA: Recoating Issues

Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 18:03:05 EET

For an excellent discussion of SLA recoating issues, check out this web site:

I know that is a bit long, so try cutting and pasting the address. This
location can be reached from the Rapid Prototyping Journal homepage:
First, browse selected articles, then click on "Get Articles", and select
the recoating issues article.

There may be much more good info available via the internet with regard to
recoating, but this is definately the best I have found yet.

Perhaps comments about this article by other members of this group would be
beneficial? Those reading rp-ml who are interested in other Freeform
technologies may find the discussion helpful, especially when comparing the
systems they utilize or are interested in with regard to stereolithography.
I will use the subject heading of "SLA: ..." to make it easy for people who
aren't interested to junk the messages.

Also, has anyone heard about a new 3D recoating system? I recall a lawsuit
a couple of years ago with the EOS(??) people concerning patent
infringements. I believe the system in question had an "active" recoating
system, incorporating technology that may have a profound impact on build
cycle time and trapped volume success. What have the development engineers
and lawyers done with all this? Any info?

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