Re: Medical Applications of RP

Date: Mon Jan 22 1996 - 12:08:24 EET

Daniel Anderson wrote:

> I am looking for journal articles, etc. that show medical applications of
> Rapid Prototyping. Know of any..?

If De-Puy are into surgical tooling, you might check out the RP in
tooling study by myself, Berndt Holmer and Alan Ashby ( Howmedica).
Published as a case study in the latest Rapid Prototyping Journal.
Contact: IAN CAMPBELL <>
for details of how to get the Journal.

An earlier email reply mentioned EARP. A good contact is NIELS
MOOS who coordinates distribution of the EARP publications:
Contact: "Niels Moos, Dansk Teknologisk Institut, 8000
AArhus" <>
Hope this helps



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