Part identification

From: Andre Dolenc (
Date: Tue Jan 23 1996 - 14:20:23 EET

>I'm looking for an easy way of marking my sla parts with a date and part #. It
>would be nice if there was a program(like bridge works) where you could type in
>the necessary information and it would project onto the surface whether it be a
>flat or cuved surface.
>It would be nice also in legal matters to have the date etch onto the part as
>it was being built. It would be a permanant way of showing the date and
>description of the part.

Rapid Tools allows one to add patterns such as dates to an existing STL part.
This is achieved using the boolean operations capabilities. Different STL
models can be combined using union, intersection, and exclusion operators.
Additionally, objects like dates can be designed and created within Rapid Tools
without the need to move to another software package.

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