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Date: Wed Jan 24 1996 - 16:53:38 EET

At 09:46 1/11/96 +0800, Ian Gibson wrote:
>Sorry for tying up the rp-ml for this but a number of people have had
>problems accessing the conference. Re: finding the conference - Instead of
>accessing mcb home page, try the virtual conference home page, which is
>from there you 'join one of the conferences'. One of the first ones you see
>should be ours.
>I've tried this with both Netscape and Mosaic. With Mosaic, I do get a
>couple of error messages but eventually it loads okay.
>To find the papers: The papers are accessed through the book icon, whilst
>the discussion is accessed through the sub-theme dialogue.
>Some people tell me they can only access the first paper. Others say they
>can access all the papers. That bit I dont understand. Maybe those who had
>problems earlier should try again since they may just have jumped the gun.
>If that is so then could you let me know.
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