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From: Terry Wohlers (
Date: Wed Jan 24 1996 - 17:34:21 EET

Bruce Okkema wrote:

> Would any of you be able to refer me to inexpensive software for
> viewing STL files.

Bruce - The following are STL viewers and editors (listed at random). Most of
the products offer more than just viewing capabilities. You can decide for
yourself whether they are inexpensive.

Good luck!

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates

SolidView for Windows. SolidView enables you to view, measure, and edit STL
files. It also permits you to view a model in a number of shaded and wireframe
forms, as well as rotate, scale, and position it. I found the product
exceptionally fast and easy to use. Price: $1,995.

Solid Concepts Inc.
28231 Avenue Crocker, Unit #10
Valencia, California 91355
(805) 257-9300
Fax (805) 257-9311

Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM). This product enables you to view, render,
detect problems such overlapping polygons, reverse normals, detect and repair
holes, cut models to create two STL files, and more. RPM is available as a
stand-along product, as well as integrated into Surfacer, Imageware's flagship
product. RPM stand-alone (UNIX): $12,000. RPM stand-alone (Windows NT and
Windows 3.1): $7,995.

313 N. First Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
(313) 994-7300
Fax (313) 994-7303

Rapid Editor. This product checks, reports, and corrects problems in STL
models by fixing gaps, illegal intersections, and topological inconsistencies.
The software runs on UNIX workstations from SGI, IBM, Sun, and HP. Price:

DeskArtes Oy
Kalevankatu 3 A
00100 Helsinki
Fax 358-0-644330

TopologyBuilder-RP. This product permits you to view STL files and correct
flaws such as gaps, overlaps, and other common defects that can reduce model
quality or prevent you from building an RP part. The product was co-developed
by XOX Corporation and Stratasys, Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN), makers of the Fused
Deposition Modeling (FDM) rapid prototyping process. TopologyBuilder-RP is
based on XOX's SHAPES geometry engine, as well as extensive customer experience
with STL files at Stratasys. (Not yet released.)

XOX Corporation
Two Appletree Square, Suite 334
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55425
(612) 854-3087
Fax (612) 854-6337

Pogo 3.0. This product permits you to view, render, rotate, scale, move, and
copy STL files. It also combines multiple ASCII and binary STL files into a
single file. Pogo 3.0 converts STL to DXF and OBJ, and vice versa. The
software is a 32-bit application that runs under Windows 3.1, Windows NT and
Windows 95. Price: $3,500

POGO International, Inc.
7607 Eastmark Drive, Suite 242
College Station, Texas 77840
(800) TRY-POGO
Fax (409) 696-2143

MAGICS QM. This package includes STL file visualization and permits you to
rotate, scale, mirror, and translate. It also enables you to measure in 2D and
3D and evaluate cross sections. The Build Time Estimator produces quotations.
The software runs on 486, Pentium, Silicon Graphics, and IBM RS-6000 computers.
 Price: $1,490.

Materialise N.V.
Kapeldreef 60
3001 Leuven
(32) 16 27 03 63
(32) 16 27 03 19

Facet Pro by Cramer Coil & Transformer Corp. This product is an ADS
application that works with AutoCAD Designer 1.0 and 1.2, as well as AME 2.1.
Facet Pro permits you to read binary STL files into AutoCAD and output both
binary and ASCII STL files. Versions are available for Release 12 (DOS and
Windows) and Release 13 (DOS, Windows and Windows NT). Price: $495

20875 Crossroad Circle
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186
(414) 785-9495
Fax (414) 785-1856

You can also read STL files into AutoCAD using AutoLISP. Jim Ten Hoven of
Kohler Company (Kohler, Wisconsin) wrote a short AutoLISP routine a few years
ago that reads ASCII STL files into AutoCAD. The AutoLISP code was published
in the November 1992 issue of CADENCE in the article titled STL Is the Key to
Rapid Prototyping.

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