RE: SLA Quoting and STL Viewing Software

From: Kamesh Tata (
Date: Wed Jan 24 1996 - 20:45:54 EET

>We're also using MS Access to handle all of the above - I was surprised at
>how easy it was to implement.
>As for help in SLA quoting - this essentially requires a build estimator.(!)
>Build times can be estimated from STL data. Kamesh Tata and Dave Flynn
>from Prototype Express once outlined how to do this in a paper for some
>conference somewhere. (Anybody help here?)
>Tony Riek
>CSIRO - Division of Manufacturing Technology
>Queensland Manufacturing Institute


Copies of the report on built time estimator were distributed during the SLA
user group conference in Tampa.
Eons ago, I announced in this list that there are a couple of mistakes (like
wrong arithmetic) and promised to make the corrected version available on
our ftp server. It never happened. I don't have a *valid* reason to offer to
the group. I intend to make up for this lapse by
a. faxing the corrected version
b or mailing the MS document (whichever way you choose)
c. and keeping my original promise.


Kamesh Tata
Prototype Express, Inc.

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