Hottest Products of 1995

From: Terry Wohlers (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 01:49:07 EET

CGW has published their annual Editors' Choice Awards which spotlight the
hottest products of 1995. The following are a few highlights from the January
1996 issue of CGW:

Mechanical CAD Software

First Place: TriSpectives from 3D/EYE
Runner Up: SolidWorks 95 from SolidWorks Corp.
Runner Up: Solid Edge from Intergraph

Non-Hard-Copy Output

First Place: Personal Modeler from BPM Technology
Runner Up: SolidView from Solid Concepts
Runner Up: DTM's RapidTool

Graphics Input

First Place: WB4 (whole body laser scanning system) from Cyberware

Virtual Reality

First Place: dVise 3.0 from Division
Runner Up: Virtual i-glasses from Virtual i-O
Runner Up: World Up from Sense8

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