Re: Exactomer 2202

Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 07:02:04 EET

Concerning your wavy/rough down faces on QuickCast (and I'll bet to a lesser
degree your weave builds, too) using EXactomer 2202SF, you're not going to
like this.

Be sure you are using additional fill layers, but you'll probably find you
must increase the cure depth of the down fills. If you use .005 inch , use
.010. This adds Z-depth to the build, unfortunately.

For solid weave builds, try making a 5 by 5 matrix of test blocks ( blocks
about .5 x 1 x .25 inches). Vary downfill depth in the columns of parts
while varying hatch overcures within the rows. Keep slice and all other
parameters the same otherwise. You should find various combinations produce
curl and others soft parts. In the middle, you'll find parts which measure
OK and have good green strength.

You should find the down fill cure depth will do the trick correcting rough
surfaced down fills. However, it changes the Z dimension of the down faces.

EXactomer 2202SF is pretty good stuff. Process speed ( Dp and Ec) is
tremendous compared to Ciba SL5170 Epoxy but has some of the same issues I
mentioned in the SLA-500 resin note.

Steve Deak
Hasbro Toy Group

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