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From: Jon Hunwick (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 11:31:41 EET

Bruce Okkema wrote:

> Would any of you be able to refer me to inexpensive software for
> viewing STL files.

Rod Ward wrote:

> Anybody have exprience with point clouds? We have a point cloud with
> ~127k points in it and would like to use it to generate a surface model ...

So here's what Delcam has to offer.


CopyCAD - surfaces from point clouds

CopyCAD provides a fast, easy to use solution to the problem of
generating high quality surface models from point information. The
data can be read in from virtually any file format with no
intervention from the user. The user has full control of the edge
conditions of the surfaces produced, i.e. position and/or


triFIX - STL view/repair software.

triFIX will accept data from a variety of sources including STL (both
ASCII and binary). Any topological errors in the part can quickly be
found and repaired. Unlike many other solutions, triFIX does not
simply add triangles to fill the gaps, but adjusts the way surrounding
triangles are connected to 'staple' the gaps closed. This gives the
most efficient STL file for any given component. In addition
troublesome conditions such as 'small' or 'thin' triangles can also be
isolated and removed. At any stage of the repair process the mesh can
be viewed as either a simple wireframe or as a shaded solid.


for further details and prices contact:

Paul Brennan (

Delcam International plc
Small Heath Business Park
Birmingham B10 OHJ
+44 121-766-5544
+44 121-766-5511 (fax)


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