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Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 17:22:16 EET

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>Reply to: Ulrich kliegis
>Sparx is a LOM system where the machine is an A3 pen plotter. The cutting
>is done by a heet electrode replacing the pen. The material is self
>adhesive plastic sheets. The process is semi-manual, the operator is stuck
>at the machine changing sheets and assembling finished sheets in a
>fixture. Due to the thickness of the sheets, 1 mm, the process is quite
>fast. The software protocol used is HP GL.
>The price: in the order of $12.000
>Berndt Holmer
>Elisabeth Uddstrand
>The Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research
>Brinellvägen 81
>IVF/KTH Dep Manufacturingsystem
>100 44 Stockholm

Do you have Sparx CamModel Ltd.'s contact numbers or Email address ?

Thank you in advance for the information.

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