Re: point cloud data into surface data

From: Peter H. Gien (
Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 06:49:44 EET

Suzanne B. asked:

>>You write: Some solid modeling packages allow you to do this provided
that all your surfaces can be stitched together to form a valid solid.
Other packages are much dumber and simply display the surfaces.

I'm afraid I'm still pretty new at the CAD system world. Can you give me
names/any info you know off the top of your head about any of the "smarter"
solid modeling packages? <<

Intergraph's venerable EMS product allows you to take a bag of surfaces and
stitch them together. It also allows you to take a solid and blow it to pieces,
i.e. individual surfaces, losing the state tree along the way of course.
I have also heard some good things about TopSolid, in this regard. They
apparently can work with Nurb surfaces, polyhedral surfaces, and solids, all in
the same mixed bag, but I have not worked on it myself.

Peter Gien
POGO International, Inc.

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