Re: Color Capability in RP Systems

Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 11:36:18 EET

Al Hastbacka wrote:

> I have had an interest in what the needs for color in rapid prototyping
> systems might be in the future.

I am currently talking to a company who like using RP. At the moment
they favour SLS because the nylon parts more closely match the
performance the final product made from Polycarbonate material!!!
They would like to test their product out ( which is basically a heat
lamp) with its final colour ( which is black). Painting is not
considered a realistic approach since what they hope to gain is
a realistic idea of discolouration during exposure to time and heat
levels. I realise that they may not get a true representation of the
final product but its better than they have right now!

So my question is: do any of the powder sintering companies out
offer a solution?



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