From: Heinz Stucki (
Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 16:54:57 EET

Paul Bernhard from PROFORM had a talk at the European SL-usermeeting.
He often builds small parts like telefon-plugs, which didn't fit because of overcure of downfacing surfaces. That's why he developed Z-Shifter.
As one knows the correction for overcure the accuracy depends on the value of over-overcure (by following layers), which can be very high when building parts with thin slices.

A Z-axis compensation shall also be included in the new 3D-MAESTRO software.(?)

Heinz Stucki

University of Zurich

(As concept modelers (Actua 2100) become more popular, the Swiss chocolate industry proposes chocolate as a new buildmaterial. Eat a model for dessert.)

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