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From: Steve Stewart (
Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 18:07:38 EET

On Thu, 25 Jan 96 17:02:47 CST, Eric Stern asked:

>Can anyone offer any information on the Z Shifter software I've been hearing
>about? PROFORM, A.G. - a stereolithography service bureau in Switzerland
>has developed the software to help improve the Z height tolerance on SLA
>parts. I've read lots about it, but does someone have it and like it?
>What software do you use it with, and does it make a significant improvement?
>Also is it easy to use and how accurate can you get it? Thanks for your help
>and I hope to get some replies.

We have had it for a couple of months, and do use it with good results on
tricky geometry. It's pretty easy to use, but not a fancy interface
(PROFORM are stereolithographers, not high-powered programmers with glitzy
tools, if you like that sort of thing). It's kind of a Black Box deal, but
the amount of shift is user-definable and also the ranges (like, you can
shift just the very bottom 1 mm of the part, for example). The difficulty
is that it _will_ take a enclosed volume of facets, and shift only the
downward-facing ones, creating an open shell. In my experience, 3dverify
will almost always fix this. We try to use it when we really need it, and
then very carefully examine what it has done to the file. This is exactly
what we were told before we purchased it - you have to be careful, it's not
a "use-on-everything" panacea. However, the price was only $600, so we
felt it was a good tool to have in our bag o'tricks for when we need it.

We got it from Paul Bernhard at PROFORM AG (in Switzerland)
Telephone: 41.37.464.383
(if you're unfamiliar with international calling, you have to dial 011 in
front of the above numbers, and 41 is the country code for Switzerland)



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