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Date: Sat Jan 27 1996 - 01:15:55 EET

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>>>Cubital 5600 MPM Serial # 1139210.
>>>Purchased for $500,000 in February 1993
>>>Price: $200,000.
>>>The price includes the Automatic Dewaxing Machine (ADM) and approximately
>>>$20,000 worth of resin, wax, and spare parts.
>>Dear Steve:
>>Not that I want to buy it, (unfortunately), but I'm just curious as to why
>>you're offering such a swell deal on this low-mileage cream puff.
>>Best regards,
>>Ed Grenda
>>AutoFab Systems
>>43 Everett St.
>>Arlington, MA 02174 USA
>>617-646-6280 (voice or fax)
>> (email)
>Ed -
>It's nothing more than a material issue. They (Cubital) have been working
>on it for years now, but all of their materials are VASTLY inferior to the
>Ciba Epoxies. If they come up with a good material, it would be great.
>Or, if somebody makes parts that are suitable to the variety of materials
>available. The technology is an amazing feat, that all of the complex
>components work as well as they do.
Dear Steve:

Thanks for your reply. The system certainly is amazing. I was under the
impression that it was possible to use other photopolymers such as the Ciba
resins in this and other rp systems by changing build parameters, etc. This
is apparently not true and I can't help but wonder why. I figured that the
nature of the Cubital process itself would be very forgiving of things like
polymer variations. Sorry to be going on about this, but you've aroused my

Best regards, Ed

Ed Grenda
AutoFab Systems
43 Everett St.
Arlington, MA 02174 USA
617-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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