Re: point cloud data into surface data

From: Steve Farentinos (
Date: Sat Jan 27 1996 - 03:06:12 EET

Peter Gien wrote

>On the other hand, Nurbs based surface modelors such as Surfacer are great for
>producing Nurb surfaces that can be passed as compact mathematical surfaces
>Pro/E, Alias and LightWave via the IGES format. In neither case will an
>solid model result. By editable, of course, I mean manipulating the state tree
>of the solid model, and not simply scaling and moving.
I'm not sure what a "state Tree" is, but I can easily import IGES surfaces
(that began as a solid in another system) into the parametric/variational
solid modeler we use, Varimetrix, join the surfaces into a solid, and
continue on from there as if the solid was created within the system. The
IGES data becomes part of the parametric history and the solid can be used
in boolean operations and features can be applied to it. This can't be the
only system capable of doing this, can it?

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