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 I am keen to know the outcome, please count me in.

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>Subj: CAD/CAM News
>Date: 96-01-25 20:26:02 EST
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>Many of you may find the following CAD/CAM industry news of interest:
>Last week, Structural Dynamics Research Corp.

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>Also, note ...
>I posted a message recently announcing several recipients of CGW's Editors'
>Choice Awards. I should have mentioned that when CGW selected the award
>winners, they did not try to make judgements about which products were the
>best-of-class, nor did they conduct any formal benchmark testing.
>was the guiding principle for their selections. CGW announced 75 award
>winners, including honorable mentions.
>Terry Wohlers
>Wohlers Associates

One of the award winners is 3D-Eye Trispectives solids & animation product.
 I have ordered the professional version and will be reviewing it over the
next several weeks once it arrives next week. If anyone in interested in my
review, let me know.

.....the weekend awaits me....


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