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Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 07:18:05 EET

Dr Neal K. Vail writes:
>Do you have any additional information on the STRIM100 product_

and Mariner Kwok writes:

>would you enlighten me on what STRIM 100 stand for? We are looking for a
>scanner at the moment and we are looking around and see what is available.
> Have not make up our mind yet. We have also got funding for aquiring
>Surfacer. Have yet to contact our agens in Asia ( one in Hong Kong and
>another in Thailand ). We would certainly appreciate if you can tell us
>how Surfacer works , its concept and strength. Anything informative you
>can also fax to us.

I found some information about STRIM on the Industry.Net database at

I saw a demo last spring. The surface creation and manipulation tools were
very impressive, especially when working with digitized point data.

Their address in the US is

Matra Datavision; Two Highwood Drive; Tewksbury, MA 01876
                     (508) 640-0940; Fax: (508) 640-0836

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