Z-Axis compensation

From: Heinz Stucki (hstucki@ifi.unizh.ch)
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 11:48:00 EET

Joe DeGuglielmo wrote:

>>A Z-axis compensation shall also be included in the new 3D-MAESTRO software.(?)
>I'm not sure what this means here.... Are you saying that you know it will
>be included in MAESTRO? or are you asking if it will be?

Paul Jacobs had a talk about Z-axis compensation at the European SL-User-meeting and in 3D's homepage they write about MAESTRO: Highlights of the software include automatic support generation for .stl files, stunning 3-dimensional part viewing, part preparation for multiple SLAs, and automatic z-axis compensation for improved accuracy.

So I'm asking how it will be included?

Heinz Stucki
University Zurich

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