Re: SLA Quoting and STL Viewing Software

Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 23:46:19 EET

At 03:25 PM 1/23/96 -0500, Bruce Okkema wrote:
>Would any of you be able to refer me to inexpensive software for viewing STL
>files. I would like to pass this on to my customers so they have some idea of
>what they are buying/creating/sending out. We are also interested in PC based
>SLA quoting software.
We provide a Dos STL viewer, FREE to any user of our products.
It will run form the command prompt is Windows, Windows 95, and NT.
Triview displays the triangles in wire-frame. You can zoom and rotate.
It also reports the Size, Volume, and Surface Area of the model, which is
useful for quoting.

We also have STL to IGES, (STLtoIG) which converts STL to Surface
or wireframe IGES. You can then read this into any CAD system to view etc.
Cost: $695.00 USD
C. Brock Rooney, Pres., Brock Rooney & Associates Inc. (Brockware)
       268 George St. Birmingham Michigan 48009 USA
(810) 645-0236 fax/bbs (810) 645-9020 email

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