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From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 03:43:39 EET

I am not a happy man.

I've now had a number of mailings from people unable to access the internet
conference - in particular the newsgroups associated with each paper. I have
been on at MCB for some time now without any reply. All I can surmise is
that they have severe technical/personnel problems.

The papers are there and can be accessed (except for those not finished yet
- you know who you are). You have to find them through the mcb home pages.
The main home page for MCB is

however, I would try

then go through the process of joining one of the conferences (i.e. the RP
conference). You should then find the papers (the icons on the right that
look like a book). However, the icons on the left just sit there looking
stupid when accessed using my version of Netscape. Let me know if anyone
manages to get through.

Apologies for the long mailing but I have one other point to make.

This morning I got 17 messages via rp-ml, yesterday 22. I dont want to clog
up rp-ml with further mailings regarding the conference. What I propose is

If you have comment regarding the papers, then send them directly to me on

I will then circulate to anyone who expresses or has expressed an interest
(that includes all those who said 'yes' to the conference in the first place
last summer). Please include a subject heading 'on-line conference' so that
I can filter the messages.

Your comments are highly valuable since they will go in to a special RP
Journal issue (in summarised form), effectively implementing a form of peer
review. So please, read the papers and send in your comments, and put a
smile back on my face in the process.

Dr Ian Gibson
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