From: Paul L. Finelt (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 05:40:13 EET

As as a previous STRIM user I thought you might appreciate the following
1. STRIM is a Bezier based modeler similar to CATIA. Its surface
creation techniques are powerful but very difficult to master.
2. It has a very old interface method that is a carry-over from the old
buttons and dials days. This makes its learning curve long and difficult
for novice CAD/CAM users.
3. STRIM is a well developed product. It is fairly stable. It competes
well against CATIA and other similar products.
4. It has powerful machining capabilities that far out run CATIA. It had
gouge-free multsurface machining in 1990 that didn't require surface

If you have specific questions please do not hesitate to ask. I think
STRIM should be on everyones list of TOP 5 CAD/CAM programs to review.
They failed to gain a significant hold in the US due to a very weak
sales and marketing effort and poor understanding of the US marketplace
by it's French management.

Paul Finelt - OzWin 1.10/1.19 - 22:23:38 29-Jan-96

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