Re: zephyr recoating system

From: BAU (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 15:08:17 EET

Todd Reese wrote:
>>>.... He says we can get the new Zephyr recoating system ...
First off....does anyone have this recoating system?
  If so, what do you think of it? According to 3D, they've seen a 37%
increase in throughput because there is no longer a
need for deep dips or multiple sweeps, and up to a 67% success rate
building trapped volumes. Comments????? <<<

Recoater principles known to me till now:
3D - Blade & deep dip
EOS - Flat nozzle
F&S - Electrostatic blade with capacitor
oth. - Just pump in resin

But how does Zephyr work ???

Regards, Juergen Bauer,

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