Re: Stereolithography Patent Issues

From: Yakov Horenstein (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 16:43:09 EET

I wrote:

>>I think that this announcement means that 3D Systems have won one of their
>>patent infringement suits against the Germany company (EOS).

To which, Mike Shellabear of Eos GmbH replied:

>This is a completely false interpretation. 3D Systems has never won any patent
>infringement suit against EOS or any users of EOS technology, despite trying
>hard for over two years.

If anything my interpretation should be wrong, not false, but actually no
interpretation is involved at all. You've seen the newsbrief I was quoting,
as well as the Jan 96 RP Report, both of which clearly state that 3D was
awarded a European patent for the use of a "doctor blade" to wipe off
excess resin. If I've read the reports correctly, this was one of the
disputed issues between yourselves and 3D. Are you saying that the patent
was *not* granted to 3D? Surely this is easily verifyable?

>To date EOS has been granted 19 patents and 12 utility models relating to our
>own rapid prototyping inventions and holds exclusive licences to two other
>rapid prototyping patents.

I am sure a lot of people on this list would like to know more about EOS
stereolithography and sintering machines as well. I know that all the RP
manufacturers "listen" to the discussions going on here but for some reason
do not participate (except for Sanders). If this unfortunate thread gets
EOS involved it will have served some useful purpose. Maybe the others will
now follow suit. Welcome aboard!


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