Re: SLA User Group Celebration

From: Joe DeGuglielmo (jfdegug@Kodak.COM)
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 23:44:50 EET


I think the people that are using it as a generic term basically borrowed
it from its original description of 3D's machines. Is it copy righted?
who knows. My response was not to the use of the word but rater the reason
the group was formed in the first place. If you joined the Moose Club, then
why couldn't you go to the Elk meetings too? Because its a different
organization! This all seems silly but isn't it relevant. Maybe you should
start a grass roots effort to form a new multi system group.


and there is no need to excuse yourself, really!!

Have a great day


 At 02:49 PM 1/30/96 -0500, you wrote:
>You need to please excuse my question,
>As a relative new comer to this technology (2 year going on 3) I was not aware
>of all the history. Is the term Stereolithography a copy right of 3D? It seems
>to me to be a generic term refering to the use of laser scanning on
>materials to produce 3 dimensional objects.

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