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Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 15:43:27 EET

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Joe DeGuglielmo wrote:
> I think the people that are using it as a generic term basically borrowed
> it from its original description of 3D's machines. Is it copy righted?

     The following quotation from my book was based on official
information from 3D Systems, and corroborated by them prior to publication:

     "StereoLithography is the term coined by Hull to refer to his method
of laser curing. It is not claimed by 3D Systems as a trademark, and the
term is sometimes used to refer to any photopolymer-based autofab process
and sometimes even to any additive process at all. The 3D Systems patents
write 'stereolithography,' without capital letters, but marketing
literature usually writes it as 'StereoLithography.'"

     It seems that they may have changed the policy on the
capitalization, but I would have to check my files to be certain.

     I prefer to use the term only for 3D Systems's laser-curing process
in order to avoid confusion, although it does literally mean just "3-D

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