From: Stephen Granby (SGRANBY@Kodak.COM)
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 17:47:36 EET

Hello from Eastman Kodak! Same company as Joe D. but different division.
Recently purchased the Stratasys 1600( 1 month ago) and after seeing all the
traffic on this RP-ML I am wondering if there are any Stratasys users out
there? I am using Unigraphics for CAD and creating STL files and using the
Quickslice software for the Stratasys. Any comments, suggestions or feedback is
appreciated as I am new at this ( RP and Stratasys). I like to see all the
discussions going on as I seem to be picking up a lot of information. You can
reply on the RP-ML or at my E-mail.

Stephen Granby
Eastman Kodak Company
Research Laboratories
1700 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, N.Y. 14650-1903

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