Putting Text on STL Parts

From: Naseer Khan (khan@interaccess.com)
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 19:18:26 EET

Hi All,

In reply to Bart Huffman's query about putting text onto STL parts,
Peter Gien had stated that he was aware of Caligari Truespace's
capability to turn text into 3D models. And he said that Corel-Draw
and Trispectives can also create 3D Text. If surfaces are the net
result, then Imageware products will be able to carry it the rest
of the way.

With RPM, you could take the surfaces and make STL from them. And
with the newly released Rapid Tooling Option, you can Boolean Add
the two pieces, the original part and the 3D text. If you could
work it out right with text height and local thickness, you could
even do a Boolean Subtract to embed the text. And this is all at
the STL level.

*** Optional Advanced Use Follows ***

Thinking further, if you needed to put the text on a not-so-simple
as a planar, orthogonal face, then you could create a surface on
the face that you want to 'write' on. This would have to be done
by taking the local polygon vertices on that wall and doing a quick
fit using the reverse engineering abilities of Surfacer. Next, you
would need to export this surface as IGES into Truespace to wrap
the text onto.

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