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Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 19:52:07 EET

At 5:43 31-01-1996, M. Burns ( wrote:

> "StereoLithography is the term coined by Hull to refer to his method
>of laser curing. It is not claimed by 3D Systems as a trademark, and the
>term is sometimes used to refer to any photopolymer-based autofab process
>and sometimes even to any additive process at all.

We went thru this name game before, but nothing has changed. Here in Italy
RP is still mainly known as "stereolitografia", even by Sanders customers.

> I prefer to use the term only for 3D Systems's laser-curing process
>in order to avoid confusion, although it does literally mean just "3-D

Actually the only "real" stereolithography machine, which constructs models
in a manner similar to traditional printing lithography, is Cubital's
Solider where, just to confuse everyone, the technique is known as Solid
Ground Curing %-)

Furthermore, my editor just passed me a book to review called "The Art of
Rapid Prototyping", which I had to return because it deals with software
design and development for Windows, & not RP as discussed here.

So what's in a name? I yearn for the good old days when holoforming was all
we needed ;-)


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