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From: Joe DeGuglielmo (jfdegug@Kodak.COM)
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 02:52:42 EET


This is turning into quit a conversation. I hope we can meet at the
Usergroup meeting and talk . You may not have been involved long enough to
know this, but Dupont is a member because the own a SLA 250. They also were
a supplier on resin for a while and tactually may still be. As far as I
know any third party vendor that has been invited was always in some way
related to Stereolithography by means of secondary processes or CAD related
in some way. Let ask you some questions if you don't mind. Do you have
some other technology at your site that not represented by its own
usergroup ? If so what is it? Have you participated in any business
meetings at any of the meetings you have attended? Have you attended any
meetings? If you have I don't understand your questions because you would
know why it was formed and what its mission is. Then again if you have not
I can understand.

Does anyone out there share my oppinion or am I out of line here?

JOe DeGuglielmo

  At 03:23 PM 1/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
>As I now understand it the term stereolithography refers to a process. In fact
>the previous users group meeting was supposed to be a celebration of that
>process. If the intention of the users group is to limit participation to
>of 3D products exclusivly then 3rd party suppliers of software and resins
>be also disallowed. But such is not the case. I would join a photography
club in
>order to improve the quality of my pictures. And I would hope that whether I
>used a Hassleblad, a Nikon or a Kodak would not be an issue. Or even if I used
>Fuji film. I was surprised to learn that Dupont, who makes some interesting
>resins, and whos participation in the users group meetings I have attended so
>far has added to my understanding of the process also made their own
>I would like to hear more about that. I believe that anyone who uses or is
>way involved with related technology can possibly add to our understanding.
>Andy at AccentOnDesign

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