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From: Christian Nelson (
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 18:29:48 EET

They haven't announced pages on the web yet. I would like to add them to
my list of Rapid Prototyping sites if they do set up a web site.

I have received several requests to update my list. I added 11 sites
last night including Compression Engineering, 3D Systems, and Sanders
Prototype. If there are other Rapid Prototyping sites that need to
added, please send me the addresses. Also, if your URL needs to be
updated, now is the time to notify me.

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Christian Nelson
DTM Corporation

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996 wrote:

> I just got finished looking at 3D Systems's new web page. Its got a lot of
> good information. I know DTM, Cubital, Sanders Prototype, and Stratasys have
> web pages. Does anyone know if BPM and Helisys have web pages?
> Thanks
> Geoff Smith-Moritz
> Rapid Prototyping Report

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