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From: Kamesh Tata (
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 20:44:33 EET

At 10:00 AM 2/1/96 -0500, Carl Decard wrote:
>3DSystems (Chuck Hull inventor) was clearly the first to bring a usable RP
>system to the market. But 3DSystems has a patent position that is not
>reflective of its early leadership role in this area. Why? Because
>several people had thought of systems like SLA years earlier. They just
>thought of the idea, they did not make it work; they did not bring it to
>the market. But, they filed for patents. Now these patents sit on the
shelf preventing inventors like Chuck Hull from getting the protection that
they deserve.
If you need further proof of this point, then look at the numerous perpetual
motion machine patents.
I think that it is time to bring some common sense to the patent system and
>to favor the people who make things work.
>Dr. Carl Deckard

I am sure everyone agrees with Carl's observation about patents. I wish we
could forward his mail to the patent office, not expecting a major change in
the system, but as a way of paying respects to visionaries cum inventors cum
implementors like Chuck Hull. We owe them. Don't we?

PS: I have this vision of a car that flies like a jet and sails like a
ship. Of course, whoever builds it should pay royalties to me because,
you know, it is MY idea.

Kamesh Tata
Prototype Express, Inc.

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