From: Terry Wohlers (73417.1465@compuserve.com)
Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 01:13:05 EET

I mentioned in an earlier message that you can download a 30-day evaluation
copy of TriSpectives from 3D/EYE's web page. I should have read 3D/EYE's offer
more carefully and tried it myself before posting the message. When clicking
on the underlined text, it takes you to a discussion of their trial CD. It is
available from 3D/EYE for free, but you must pay a shipping and handling fee of
$8.50 in the U.S., $39.95 outside the U.S. Had I read the text more carefully,
I would have noticed that it said "Free 30 Day Trial CD of TriSpectives 1.0 now
available!" Prior to a very brief visit to their web page, I talked with
someone who mentioned that you could download stuff from their web page, so
that might have contributed to my error. I guess that's what happens when
you're doing too many things at once and in a hurry. I hope my posting did not
inconvenience anyone. Thank you Al Hastbacka for pointing it out to me.

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates

P.S. If you have PowerPoint 7.0 [i.e., the new Windows 95 version] you can
download an auto-demo (160K) that highlights some of the key features of
TriSpectives, according to their web page.

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