Re: Oops! (3D_EYE 30 day trial)

From: Robert Proudfoot (
Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 04:39:52 EET

Hi All,

Terry sez:
> I mentioned in an earlier message that you can download a 30-day evaluation
>copy of TriSpectives from 3D/EYE's web page. I should have read 3D/EYE's offer
>more carefully and tried it myself before posting the message. When clicking
>on the underlined text, it takes you to a discussion of their trial CD. It is
>available from 3D/EYE for free, but you must pay a shipping and handling fee
>$8.50 in the U.S., $39.95 outside the U.S. Had I read the text more carefully
>I would have noticed that it said "Free 30 Day Trial CD of TriSpectives 1.0 now
>available!" Prior to a very brief visit to their web page, I talked with
>someone who mentioned that you could download stuff from their web page, so
>that might have contributed to my error. I guess that's what happens when
>you're doing too many things at once and in a hurry. I hope my posting did not
>inconvenience anyone. Thank you Al Hastbacka for pointing it out to me.

I find this all very interesting. I got a copy of the free 30-day trial
CD mailed to me, perhaps because I subscribe to 'Computer Graphics World'
and/or have bought quite a bit of software in the past. It seems curious
that they would do a mass-mailing for free, but would charge someone who
actually sought them out (a much brighter prospect, I would gather) an
$8.50 handling fee! A bizzare approach at marketing if you ask me.

BTW, last night I loaded it on to the only Windows 95 computer we have at
work. It looks intruiging, but I haven't had much time to delve into
it. The one problem I have is that Windows 95 seems to be stuck in 16
color maximum mode, despite the fact that the computer appears to be a
quite new one that must have more colors available (thousands or
millions). If anyone has any tips on how to remedy this, please let me
know (are there any 'Windows 95-heads' out there yet? ;-) If I can get
more colors working, I'll try it out in more depth and write a little
report. We're getting Pro E next week so it should provide a good contrast.


Alec Proudfoot

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