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Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 13:38:45 EET

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996 wrote:
> We would welcome the opportunity to be involved in a new multi-system
> stereolithography users group or multi-system rapid prototyping users group.

     This is an interesting idea, but I wonder. On the one hand, someone
has pointed out that it would offer the benefits of a photography club
where it doesn't matter whether you use a Kodak, Leica, or Hasselblad.
But on the other had, someone else has made the observation that the
several industry conferences (Dayton, SME, Austin, European (Finland this
year), Japan, and Queensland, for example) already provide a forum and
meetingplace for users of all systems, so a combined club may be
superfluous. Of course, as the industry grows, there will be room for
more and more such groups, organizations, and meetings.

     Perhaps something that is worthwhile today would be the start of
local multi-user groups in such major centers as Detroit, Chicago, Los
Angeles, Stuttgart, and Tokyo, where users of various systems could get
together for monthly networking and brianstorming without the problems of

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