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From: Terry Wohlers (
Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 20:33:12 EET

Kamesh Tata wrote:

> I wish we could forward his mail to the patent office, not expecting a
> major change in the system, but as a way of paying respects to visionaries
> cum inventors cum implementors like Chuck Hull.

... *AND* others such as Carl Deckard. Some of you may not know that he was
the inventor of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) -- the technology that DTM uses
in their Sinterstation 2000 product. Carl started this work at the University
of Texas at Austin and continued it at DTM as the company developed and
introduced it commercially. Kudos to Deckard, Hull, Crump, Feygin, Pomerantz,
Masters, and others. Who did I forget?

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates

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