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Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 23:34:03 EET

On Wednesday Jan 31, 1996
Dr. Unny Menon, Professor
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department
Cal Poly State.Univ., San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0357
      Ph: (805) 756-1180 fax: 756-5439 U.S.A


>We have the same machine as well as a Helisys LOM machine. We really like
>our FDM and think tyhe Stratasys software is superb.

>We have SGI Indigo and an Indy for RP work and ProE for modeling and stl
>file creation. On campus we have all other types of workstations in use.

>Being a University we are always keen to collaborate with industry
>on experimental research projects and do so all the time for companies
>big and small. Let us know if we can be of use to you in any way.

  Thanks Dr. Menon. We are not at full speed yet but hope to be in the near
future. The only problem we seem to have had so far is keeping the torque
factor at a constant level. We have already gone through 2 sets of feed rollers
on the drive motors as they got worn out. Have you ran into this problem and
if so how has it been corrected besides waiting for a new set from Stratasys?
Also how successful have you been at creating thin walls and secondary
finishing (sanding, chemical)?

For the most part we have been happy we just need to overcome the learning


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