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From: Stephen Granby (sgranby@Kodak.COM)
Date: Sat Feb 03 1996 - 00:02:35 EET

On Wednesday January 31,
Thomas Chimento <chimento@biocomp.arc.nasa.gov>,

>I am looking at the Stratasys machine and would be very interested
>in hearing about your purchasing experience. Were they helpful in
>getting you set up and going? Was delivery timely (about how long)?
>Anything you can report would be helpful. Thanks

  Thomas, I hope I can help you. I am a middle person when it comes to some of
your questions. I know that we did do a lot of preliminary work first. We sent
a file to Stratasys when we were leaning their way to purchase a machine. They
sent us a sample back within a week. When we had questions (Bill Camual) was
willing to help. When we ordered I think the machine was here within 4-6 weeks.
We took the inititive to set it up ourselves before we got any training. It
came loaded in a very well built shipping crate and a toolbox that can be used
for everyday things that come up while using the machine.
  The software is great especially for those that aren't that computer
literate. After a two day training class your off and running. We pretty much
have had very few questions and the ones we did have were answered right away.
 Hows that in a nut shell? Any more detailed questions don't be afraid to



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