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Date: Mon Feb 05 1996 - 17:11:52 EET

Peter Seidel wrote:

> I am looking for new articles on Stratasys FDM process. Has
> anybody found material published in 1995/96. I need to update
> my references and it would be great if somebody could tell me
> where to look at.

Peter - The following articles might be of interest:

Weintraub, Arlene. Beam Me Up, Stratasys, Individual Investor, January 1996

Marcial, Gene G. Designs On This Gizmo Maker, Business Week, September 11,

Hoekstra, Joel. Stratasys, Inc., Is On The Fast Track With Rapid Prototyping:
A Model Company, Twin Cities Business Monthly, December 1995

Youngblood, Dick. Analysts say Stratasys on to something big, Star Tribune,
October 16, 1995

The articles focus mostly on the financial side of the business, but they also
include light technical information.

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates

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