Strange texture on SLA ACIS parts...

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Mon Feb 05 1996 - 20:44:00 EET

To all the SLA users out there and anyone else with any input....

We have just started to see a very strange effect on our ACIS
SLA parts. Many of the top skin fills are coming out with
a textured pattern. It kind of looks like the textured plastic
dashboard in a car - or an orange peel. It has a very intricate
pattern that almost makes you think of Indian pyroglythics (yeah
I know it is probably spelled wrong). We have seen it on all of
our recent ACIS builds. Strangely enough different surfaces
on the same part won't have it.

We have a SLA 250 with a 30 mw laser (appears stable) and
are using 5170 resin. Our system is in a controlled temperature/
humidity environment and the laser does not appear to be
fluctuating. I do not believe it is dewetting as this usually has
a very different look. If you think you have seen this look - please
let us know as these parts are for sand casting patterns and are
not usable. If you have a mail account that handles attachments
I can send several pictures of the effect. Any help/comments
would be appreciated.

Regards, Todd Stahlhut


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