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From: Frost Prioleau (
Date: Tue Feb 06 1996 - 00:34:23 EET

On Thursday, February 01, 1996 7:38 PM, M. Burns wrote:

     Perhaps something that is worthwhile today would be the start of
local multi-user groups in such major centers as Detroit, Chicago, Los
Angeles, Stuttgart, and Tokyo, where users of various systems could get
together for monthly networking and brianstorming without the problems of

In the San Francisco Bay Area such a multi-technilogy group exists. It is called PRIMA (Prototyping and Rapid Integrated Manufacturing Association and was started by Professon Paul Wright of University of California at Berkeley. This group has met twice so far and plans to meet every 6-8 weeks.

Anyone interested contact Alan Berling at berling@euler.Berkeley.EDU.

Frost Prioleau
Plynetics Corp

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