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Date: Tue Feb 06 1996 - 04:06:23 EET

>> We would welcome the opportunity to be involved in a new multi-system
>> stereolithography users group or multi-system rapid prototyping users group.
>An organized group of RP users, managers, and vendors is in place. It's the
>Rapid Prototyping Association of SME. Membership is open to anyone anywhere.
>If this group is not meeting the needs expressed here, this is a good place to
>provide suggestions. I know that many RPA/SME members are listening.

I think what we have here is something like one of Elaine's 'wish lists'.
Like RP machines - we have got some of what we want - but we want more.

Global networks are good for widespread dissemination of information and
international conferences, etc. The RPA/SME keeps me well informed and I
think it is worth the money I spend. Coming from a Scot, that must mean

However, I dont think that it could possibly fulfill the needs of some of
the people contributing to this 'issue'.

Single vendor user groups are very useful for technical tricks and
brainstorming (or is it brainwashing?). The trouble is that these are going
to be PR exercises. Yes I know the groups are independent and that you will
find out what you are doing right or wrong with your machine. But you will
not know what other equipment users use their machines for.

But the above would appear to be insufficient for some. To this end I
support what Marshall was suggesting - local groups. Find out who is using
what in your area. Get together and discuss your machines. At Hong Kong, we
have been thinking about this for a couple of months. There are 5
institutions with RP within an hour of each other (less when the tunnels
arent busy). Most of our funding comes from government so our plans are
slightly different from most - how can we squeeze the dollars from the
government? An effective way of doing this may be to pool our resources. To
do this you must discuss what is good and bad about each machine.

So far we have not had a meeting. I think its about time I got up off my seat.


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