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From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 16:44:18 EET

To all .........

When I sent out the message about the NASUG meeting in March....I was only
intending to remind SLA users about the upcoming meeting not start another
user group.......

User groups are like this listing......some contribute.......some listen.
Some share.....some take. Some give freely.....some demand their
share....Some promote the technology.....Some promote themselves.

As I put together this year's agenda I am surprised at the number of
people who want a place to talk about their work..which is important to
them and us as users. Our User Groups is really a net work of dedicated
peope who love the technology.

Last year we had to shut down our Open Forum at 8pm and this group had
been up and going since 7:30am. The excitment that this group produces
could not be developed with a multi-process group since passions run deeply
and "mine is better than yours' would prevail. Passion is great at the
proper time but when it leads to attacks on the competition then many users
simply walk away in disgust.

I am open to all suggestions about helping the existing infrastructures
such as RPA/SME meet RP needs more completely.

What are your complaints about any of the current conferences,
publications, and offerings? If you want a user group...then make use of
this forum to make sure it meets your needs.


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