From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 03:19:21 EET

>I noticed that the software for the MJM is referred to by both the
>terms ALLEGO and ALLEGRO. I know what allegro means, but I don't know
>what allego means. Does anybody know what the correct name is?
>Al Hastbacka
.Hello from Milan,
. Do you mean the Italian translation ... ? In Italy it usually means something
. attached to a document, I guess the English translation is "To enclose".

I assume:
Allego means to enclose or attach to a document
Allegro means quickly (or the design of one of the worst vehicles Leyland
Cars ever made)

So that explains it - it could be either, or both. What a marketing ploy!
The back-room boys must have spent months thinking of that one. So subtle
too! Everyone thinks it is a typo when in fact it is a devious attempt to
win marketeer of the year.

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