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Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 03:45:36 EET

>>I assume:
>>Allego means to enclose or attach to a document
>>Allegro means quickly
>Allegro does not mean quickly, even though your piano teacher at school
>probably told you that it does. Allegro means merry, cheerful, gay, jolly,
>good humored (which most musicians understand wrongly as "fast"). I'm not
>sure whether this meaning of the term is what 3D Systems intended, and I
>can't recall ever seeing any merry, jolly, cheerful people working on STL
>files....... Perhaps I haven't yet lived.......
>Yakov H.
Ah well, as usual my assumptions are flawed. Such is engineering.

Based on this new evidence, can we assume that MJM may give off fumes (RP

BTW you probably guessed - my Grandmother taught me to play the piano.


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