Re: What's the right address for rp-ml?

From: Rapid Dude (
Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 08:36:53 EET

Hello everybody

It seems that there are some questions bouncing around waiting for
someone to answer. I guess it's my job to give it a try.

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At Thu, 8 Feb 1996 18:42:53 Yakov wrote:

>At 10:16 8-02-1996, Elaine Persall wrote:
>>My mail to the rp-ml bounces also. It comes back and then the next day
>>goes through. Any idea why?

We had some hardware problems with the network, i.e we were isolated
from internet for few hours (ok, nearly a full day). That's why.

> This is the address I now use......
>> it what you use?
>No. I is what I see in the To:
>heading of most of the messages I receive. However, the address you use
>is supposed to be the correct one. Some people are still using the old
>(, which also seems to work. Confusing, I agree. I also
>occasionally get the same messages twice. Perhaps the administrators of
>the list could clarify??

Here comes. Both addresses


and points to the same machine (and are both correct).

The old address still works for some time, mainly because
there is quite a lot printed material advicing to send mails to
that address. It will vanish in the near future, so

           please do not use !!!

And what comes to the duplicated messages, it is still a bit of a
mystery, but we are working on it.

I hope this clarifies the situation a bit.

And just a reminder, rp-ml mailing list archive is still in the same

Have a nice weekend!

Hannu Kaikonen <>

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